We give a damn.

As an agency of software developers we believe that the first principle of a succesful endeavor is that if partners do well, we do well. And for all of us to grow we need to care about the user. To deliver products that make life better. To give a damn.

Our work is in the space where ideas, code, and art converge. We don’t cut corners; we know there is more than one solution to a problem, and for us it's all about finding the best one. From high performance real-time wind turbine optimizations to audio players for musicians, we strive to make the right tools for the task at hand.

72% of startups have joined the Inc 500 while working with us (and we joined the Inc 5000). Among our exits are Radarfind, PointDX, Adap.TV, iScribes, Royality Exchange, Transloc, Statuspage.IO, and Shoeboxed.

Large enterprises have inovation labs too. We engage with enterprise teams that are bringing the inovative spark and distrupting either the company or entire industires. Our flagship project is the Virtual Power Plant we build for E.ON. Not only is the VPP responsible for steering power plants and wind turbines, it is versetile enough that it manages car batteries as storage on the grid.

Notable clients