Shoeboxed is an innovative online receipt, business card and other file management service that handles everything for you. With this unique platform, you can turn all your paper clutter into organized digital data. This platform has been used by over 800,000 businesses across the world. Shoeboxed has been using Eloquentix to add talented developers to their team since 2008. Eloquentix developers have gone through every startup growing pain and scaling issue that Shoeboxed has encountered during their startup phase. In the end, the growth was exponential, and since 2008 Shoeboxed has grown by over 20 times, which is truly exceptional.
We consider our Eloquentix developers as much a part of the Shoeboxed team as their American counterparts. We have relied on them not only for their coding experience, but for their ability to help us solve a range of technology problems that we have experienced while scaling.
(Taylor Mingos, CEO)


As the energy expert for business customers, E.ON B2B Solutions supports their customers' economic growth by optimising their energy supply and consumption with sustainable and commercially feasible solutions such as energy efficiency, on-site generation or energy storage solutions. They take care of all aspects of their customers’ energy management, provide state-of-the-art energy solutions, and enable their customers to focus on their core business. E.ON makes businesses prosper from their solutions. The Eloquentix team has been a core part in the development of E.ON's Virtual Power Plant Solution – from prototype to production, in all aspects of the development process: architecture, design, implementation and devops. The Virtual Power Plant is a central system for monitoring, controlling and aggregating the capacities of heterogeneous energy units - different types of energy producers and consumers. The implemented solution is based in a micro-services architecture with soft real-time operating capabilities; it leverages some of the Lightbend products to attain responsiveness and resilience in a Docker and Consul backed high-availability, cross-datacenter setup.
To find out more about E.ON's tailored energy solutions visit or contact the E.ON colleagues at: Tel: +49 2 01-1 84 48 88


Monix - Asynchronous, Reactive Programming for Scala and Scala.js Eloquentix is the developer behind Monix, a high performance Scala/Scala.js library for composing asynchronous and event-based programs. Its inclusion in the Typelevel projects family speaks volumes of its high quality and relevance. The library exposes high-level types, such as observable sequences that are exposed as asynchronous streams, expanding on the observer pattern, strongly inspired by ReactiveX and by Scalaz, but designed from the ground up for back-pressure and made to cleanly interact with Scala’s standard library, compatible out-of-the-box with the Reactive Streams protocol.